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You cannot get a Virginia home inspection license with on-line classes alone

 Classes for Virginia licensing must be pre-approved by the Commonwealth. Our popular live DPOR Approved 35-hour Pre-license Class will get your career in home inspection underway. The class begins with a review of Home Inspection Standards, ethical guidelines and we explain just what home inspectors do.


 A home inspector must recognize the major components and systems in a house, understand their function and realize when they are not performing. In Virginia, home inspectors can't cite the building code. It's against the law. We cite the intent of the code. 

Over the four days of classes we cover commonly seen exterior cladding material, windows and doors. We discuss surface water control and the types roof systems, foundations and structural systems inspectors typically encounter. Interior issues are also among the topics covered and the basics of fireplaces, chimneys and even wood stoves are discussed as well.

 The mechanical system topics included are electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. Unlike other schools that hold their class in a hotel room, we hold our classes in our own facility. So we have equipment such as furnaces, water heaters, A/C and heat pumps to assist in your training. We feel nothing compares to a hands-on exhibit and we are routinely adding new ones.

 If you'd like to cut the required field inspections in half to obtain your license, ask us about our 70-hour class. By adding our $599.00 35-hour on-line class to our 35-hour live class, you will earn a 70-hour certificate. With a 70-hour certificate the requirement drops from 50 to 25 inspections. Contact us first to register and pay online. We will send you a registration link for the on-line portion. Many get the link while attending the live class. But if you want to get started, call Kenny Hart. The on-line class is not a stand alone class.


Classes begin each day at 8 am and run as late as 6 pm.

If you'd like more information about the home inspection profession, the Virginia licensing requirements or our classes, call Kenny Hart at 757-406-9317.


To register for a class go back to the Home Page and click onto the class dates that fit your schedule.

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